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Tips for your Toilet Flapper

Tips for your toilet flapper

Don't forget the importance of toilet flappers. When a toilet flapper becomes worn out or degraded, it begins to leak around the flush valve seat. It also prohibits the toilet from flushing properly. The toilet will attempt to refill the tank, repeatedly, with a leaking toilet flapper. Although leaking around the seal may seem minor, over time, it will result in a higher water bill.

Toilet flappers can last anywhere from one to five years on average. On rare cases, sometimes more or sometimes less. Because they are made from hard plastic, rubber and silicone treated rubber, a flapper will degrade over time due to the hardening of the rubber. It can eventually lead to crumbling bits and pieces, normal wear and tear, and bacteria deterioration and buildup.

Try to schedule a service check-up with a licensed plumber to avoid plumbing repair problems before they begin. An annual maintenance routine can keep systems running smoothly. A licensed plumber will have both the knowledge, tools and coverate to detect and repair faulty plumbing.

Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

Cleaning Garbage Disposal

Clean your garbage disposal and help it with a fresh new makeover! It can be a challenge fighting off the garbage disposal stench that tends to arise when you least want to smell it. However, look no further than today's plumbing tip for that year-round deodorizing solution at little cost to you!

The ice cubes do not sharpen the blades as garbage disposals don't really have blades. They are blunt pieces of curved metal that whip around to pulverize everything in its path. At that point, the pulverized pieces are forced through a perforated plate and over time the food matter can build up on the blades and the holes.

Use the power of citrus and ice cubes to freshen up and clean that garbage disposal! The rough peels and ice cubes can knock some of that debris loose to help clean the metal and the citrus oils naturally freshin things up and help with the odors.

1. Slice up a full lemon and size each piece to fit into the ice cube tray mold. Then you can put a lemon piece into each separate hole of the tray.

2. Fill each cube mold within the tray with non-diluted white vinegar. You don't want to dilute it with water as it will lessen the deodorizing effect.

3. Place the tray(s) in the freezer overnight. One they are fully frozen, you can place them in a plastic freezer bag. Leaving them in the trays long term will expose them to food odors and will minimize the deodorizing effect.

4. When ready, throw a handful in the garbage disposal and run until dissolved. You can make a habit of dropping one cube in your disposal every night after you have finished cooking and cleaning to keep your garbage disposal clean and fresh!